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Dream blade 43 Hero, Angelo, Jessica 4700G / 3150G none Desert Chapel, Neos, Peddler's tent Dark turkey (R) (1/128) Tool use: Casts Snooze when used as a tool in battle.
Make sure to have Jessica use the Timbrel every turn, to especailly help out Angelo.
Location, treasure, treasure Chance, treasure2, treasure2 Chance, special.
But keep in mind that it is going to be very rare and very lucky to just kill one KMS here and there.
30K exp for killing one, and double that if you manage to kill both.Odin's bow 125 Angelo Crafted / 48000G Cheiron's bow Eros' bow Great bow Alchemy Pot none Partisan G / 2200G none Argonia, Savella Cathedral none Platinum sword 40 Hero, Angelo, Jessica Found / 3000G none Uncharted SouthWest Isle Hell gladiator (R) (1/256) Poison moth knife.If you want this boomerang you will have to sacrifice the best spear in the game, and once you do there is no way to get the spear back.Image, name, attack, equip, buy / Sell, recipes.Long spear G / 850G Cypress stick Cypress stick Iron lance Simpleton Orc king (R) (1/64 Octavian sentry (R) (1/128) Magical mace 79 Angelo, Jessica 9000G / 4500G none Dark Empycchu, Empycchu none 25 to steal MP from enemy upon successful hit.Mercury's rapier 0G / 5100G Fallen angel rapier Mercury's bandana Mercury's bandana Dark Empycchu, Empycchu none Increased agility by 20AP when equipped Metal king spear 120 Hero Found / 24000G none Dragovian Path none Treasure chest on the path, guarantees damage to metal slimes.From Dragon Quest Wiki, jump to navigation, jump to search.Chilly Cheese Abyss Diver ( Monster Wiki ) Ocean - E Waterweed Mould Spicy Cheese Anchorman ( Monster Wiki ) Eastern Argonia - Beach, Ocean - E Tough Guy Tattoo Assassin's Dagger Archdemon ( Monster Wiki ) Black Citadel, Farebury Region Rockbomb Shard Battle Fork.Main weapons of focus: Hero - Liquid Metal Sword, Angelo - Falcon Blade (or Hero can have this sword and Angelo not, or both of them if you are rich).Deals 25 recoil damage user on successful hit.However, on occasion it will cause 2HP on the first hit.The next best battle, other than battles with a few LMS, is a battle with two KMS.

Give 110 tiny medals to Princess Minnie Flail of fury 93 Yangus Reward / N/A none Red's Den none Hits all enemies.
Battle area: Howling Hill (Slime Hill) - the hilltops area near Rydon Tower.
Inflicts crack damage on hit, half of melee damage before resistances apply.
In that case: have Hero use Metal Slash on the second KMS, beat schlatter bingo preise have Yangus use a normal attack on the first and pray for a critical hit that will kill it in one shot, have Jessica use the Timbrel to raise everyones tension (and pray.Steel broadsword 35 Hero, Jessica 2000G / 1000G none Ascantha, Pickham Boe (R) (1/256 Gargoyle (R) (1/256 Hunter mech (R) (1/32 Infernal armour (R) (1/256 Jabberwockee (R) (1/256) Kee (R) (1/256 Killing machine (R) (1/32 Skeleton soldier (R) (1/256 Zombie gladiator (R) (1/128) Steel scythe.Make sure to have Jessica use the Timbrel every turn, to especailly help out Angelo (who if lucky can score a possibly 8 damage attack).Sprite, animation Links, mugshot, name, hP,.This was said to show that this leveling works fast, because it happened.Pickham, nONE, give Dodgy Dave in, pickham.Sprite Mugshot Name HP MP Atk Def Agi Gold.

Give 45 tiny medals to Princess Minnie Staff of resurrection 77 Angelo, Jessica 45000G / 22500G Life bracer Rune staff Yggdrasil leaf Tryan Gully none Tool use: Casts Zing when used as a tool in battle.

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