Slot machines use a variable ratio because

slot machines use a variable ratio because

Jeff Hwang is President and CEO of High Variance Games LLC.
The reinforcement schedule would look something like this: Slot Machine: Fixed-Ratio Reinforcement Shedule.
Slot machine designers know a lot about human behavior, and how it is influenced by experience (learning).Going back to the slot machine, let's say that you once again are the casino and want the slot machine to pay out 20 of the time, or every fifth time on average.How long would you keep putting money into a broken vending machine?What Skinner found when implementing this schedule was that the frequency of behavior would increase as the time for the reward approached (ensuring that the animal gets the reward but would then decrease immediately following the reward, as if the animal knew that another reward.By tracking the accumulated behavioral responses of animals in his operant boxes over time, Skinner could see how different reward schedules influenced the timing and frequency of behavior.

Slot machine designers learned that lesson well and applied it to humans, for whom the same responses appear given a particular reward contingency.
For the house, this represents a payout rate of 92 (RTP) and thus a house edge of 8, which isn't too far from the real thing, depending on what casino you are.
That is, the gambler will lose 1 four times in a row and get a pyout on the fifth every time.
As some of you may have noticed, the above discussion came directly from the opening of my book.
Originally Written: 01-25-07, last Updated.Reinforcement Schedules: Variable.Skinner found that behaviors rewarded with a variable-ratio schedule were most resistant to extinction.But Skinner also wanted to know how behavior might change if the reward wasnt always present.When you put rats farmerama ep bonus in a box with a lever, you can set up various contingencies such that pressing the lever releases food to them.These would encourage students to study a little each day to always be prepared to earn some points, though they probably wouldnt cram for hours and hours every night.Our modern life is so full of coercive techniques aimed at controlling our behavior (based on principles texas holdem poker gratuit français of learning and conditioning like those mentioned above) that we have come to expect no less.Using a variable ratio is the fix for this problem.Variable-Interval (The Pop-Quiz in a variable-interval schedule, reinforcement of a behavior is provided at a varying time interval since the last reinforcement.It keeps them in the seat the longest, tugging that lever repeatedly because it always feels like they are on the verge of getting paid off.Now as you would expect, most of the time, the gambler will bet 1 and lose, which of course is great for the casino.Just as nobody continuously feeds coins to a broken vending machine, when the set ratio is violated (like when each level press no longer delivers food animals quickly learn to reduce their behavior.In this scenario, for every 25 spins, the gambler would win 18 on the five winning spins and lose 20 on the rest, for a net loss.Now all of this sounds great, but there is a major problem: Nobody would ever play a game with a payout (reinforcement) schedule like this one!

A variable ratio schedule is perhaps the most interesting for the example of slot machines.

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