Slothasor raid guide

slothasor raid guide

The transformation itself lasts for 45 seconds and there is a 3 minutes 20 second cooldown before you can use the transformation again.
You will see a message appear in the screen (Player is currently fixated) and Slothasor will begin follow this java lotto generator fixated person.
The enrage timer is pretty lenient unless you have absolutely horrid DPS.
You will need to break his breakbar to move Slothasor again.If there are more than champagner roulette hamburg one Tempest you can rotate this ability to protect the group.They can also spam Seed of Life if timed right to cleanse the conditions.There are a couple things you can do to mitigate this fear.If you move around early, you will drop the orange circles all over, making it hard for other players to dodge.Tempests can bring Swirling Winds (Focus #4) on the group.Slubling and Evolved Slubling, slublings start to spawn at 30 seconds into the fight (6:30) and every 30s after.While in the slubling form, you want to clear the poison on the ground by walking next to a mushroom and use the #1 skill which has replaced your weapon skills bar.Shake/Wet Dog At 50 HP and every 45 seconds after Slothasor will perform an attack people call Shake/Wet Dog/Coconuts.You will also need to reflect/block their projectiles.

Mushroom 1 (Green Marker) 7:00 3:40, mushroom 2 (Purple Marker) 6:10 2:50, mushroom 3 (Red Marker) 5:20 2:00, mushroom 4 (Blue Marker) 4:30 1:10, while in the slubling form, you want to clear the poison on the ground by walking next to a mushroom and.
You will get feared the way you face, so you could position yourself just before breakbar goes down, so you face a "safe wall" or something.
Contents, general Information, health: 19 Million, enrage Timer: 7 minutes, group composition: A composition that is heavy on projectile defense/reflects with decent condition removal is recommended.Breakbar Fear Breakbars occur every 20 but also at 10 (80, 60, 40, 20, 10).You dont want to clear the mushrooms too quick so they respawn before the group has a chance to move there and you dont want to do it too slow either.Source: Dulfy (and thanks to all the Oops'lings who helped create the class-guides and changes to the boss-guide).If you need additional breakbars you can bring pets such as Pink Moa for the Daze or Wolf for the Fear.The attack is fairly easy to avoid as long you are paying attention.Revenants can use Pain Absorption or Renewing Wave on staff 4 to remove conditions.Mikei The Mighty, super Casual First Try First Time Condi Druid Solo Gorseval 418 Left On Timer.Volatile Poison is an awareness mechanic where a random raid member will get a green skull above their head.If you are behind or to the side of Slothasor you do not need to dodge.Slubling and Evolved Slubling Slublings start to spawn at 30 seconds into the fight (6:30) and every 30s after.The enrage timer is pretty lenient unless you have absolutely horrid DPS so some groups like to bring two healers and two chronomancers.Druids can use Sublime Conversion if using staff or Whirling Defense if using Sword/Axe.When Slothasor stands up).

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